This is the definition I chose to introduce the name of my blog. I find the french word very talkative and enlightening. Why such a name? Well…

 I am fascinated with the lifestyle and societal patterns of women referred to as ” ethnic minority women” in North America!

Indigene was for a long time, a negative word used to describe people coming from non-European countries. Very fortunately, we came a long way from the days of slavery and colonialism; multiculturalism is seen as a positive thing and is considered to be a strength in the western world.

I express my thoughts from an outside perspective but  I am myself part of what is called an”ethnic minority women group“. I was born in Montreal (Canada) to Moroccan parents and grew up in a mostly french Canadian environment where I was perceived as the little girl coming from “somewhere where winter doesn’t exist”. Nothing harmful or discriminating just an open emphasis on my Mediterranean look and my exotic name. At first, as a child, it can be scary and heavy to bear when you just want to be like your friends. As  I grew up, I noticed more and more women from various ethnic backgrounds being represented in movies and television.  I understood the richness that came with having foreign roots and the advantage it represents in a society that is moving so fast and hungry for change and creativity.

  Enough societal analysis for now! I decided to use the word  Indigene to celebrate women from various ethnic backgrounds. I will be talking about various topics like fashion trends, social issues, political news, and much more !!! I can’t wait to share this wonderful adventure with youuu !!!!!!!!!!


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